List of Resources

List of Resources

The following resources are recommended as beneficial aids in learning more about church history, the current state of the church, and what the Bible predicts about future events.

Inclusion here does not necessarily mean we agree with everything that has been published by these authors.

Suggested reading list for new Believers:

These are books that every Christian read within the first few years of salvation.

  1. The Normal Christian Life, Watchman Nee
  2. The Release of the Spirit, Watchman Nee
  3. The Divine Romance, Gene Edwards
  4. Hinds Feet in High Places,  Hannah Hurnard  (This book is not just for girls.)

Suggested reading list regarding Church History

  1. The Pilgrim Church, E. H. Broadbent
  2. The Torch and the Testimony, John W. Kennedy
  3. Climb the Highest Mountain, Gene Ewards
  4. The Eternal Church, Bill Hamer (very useful for understanding church history up to the time of the Reformation.  From there on it is basically a pamphlet written for the purpose of proposing a “new” eschatological approach to the end-times recently thought up by the author.)

Works establishing the “prophetic history of the church” in Revelation 2 and 3

  1. The Orthodoxy of the Church, Watchman Nee
  2. Revelation Unveiled, Tim LeHaye
  3. Seven Letters to the Seven Churches “Briefing Package,” Chuck Missler, Koinonia House

Good books on the current transformation of the Church:

  1. Towards a House Church Theology, Steve Atkerson
  2. Church Unity, Nee, Litzman, Edwards
  3. Restoration in the Church, Terry Virgo
  4. The Normal Christian Church Life, Watchman Nee

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